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Bioactive Inorganic Scaffolds

Inorganic ScaffoldThe development of inorganic scaffold materials for bone regeneration at FMZ is based on reactive calcium- and magnesium phosphates (CaP and MgP) that set after addition of water under ambient conditions, without the need for sintering.

Primary aims are focused on the reactivity of the powders, their rheological optimization for injectability, and the mechanical strength of the resulting ceramics.

Our cement powders are also used for rapid-prototyping by 3D printing techniques for the construction of individualized geometries with aInorganic Scaffold high lateral resolution (Figure right top) and precisely defined macropores for blood vessel ingrowth (Figure left).

Recent developments concern the use of microporous CaP-scaffolds as drug carriers. Through the use of multicolour-printers, bioactive compounds can be added at desired locations in the 3D scaffolds for a spatial control of tissue response and drug release kinetics.

One main strategy followed at FMZ to improve the typical brittle fracture behaviour of phospohate cements is integration of reinforcing fibers (Figure right bottom). To obtain strong and tough composites, interaction of fibers and matrix as well as the degradation behavior of fibers and matrix are optimized and synchronized.

Inorganic ScaffoldHigh and open porosity is a crucial property to allow vascularization and cell infiltration. One approach followed at FMZ is replication of polymeric foams with a suitable post-treatment to gain highly porous scaffolds with the strongest possible mechanical strenght.

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Uwe Gbureck
Telephone +49(0)931 20173550

Electrochemically assisted deposition of ceramic coatings

The biocompatibility especially of non-degradable implant materials arises from its surface.
Biointerface EngineeringElectrochemically assisted deposition is used to equip metallic surfaces with low-crystalline calcium and magnesium phosphate coatings. One aim of these studies is the development of novel multi-phase coatings with incorporated ions, which combine bactericidal and bioactive properties and hence can decrease the risk of inflammation after surgery and support the subsequent in-growth of the medical implant.

Dr. rer. nat. Claus Moseke

Telephone +49(0)931 3189092

Ph.D. students and scientific co-workers:

M. Sc. Theresa Brückner
Novel application forms of mineral bone cements
09 31 - 201 73530

M. Sc. Markus Meininger
Elektrochemically assisted and elektrophoretic deposition of bioceramics
09 31 - 201 73530

M. Sc. Susanne Meininger
Fiber reinforcement and 3D powder printing of calcium and magnesium phosphate cements
09 31 - 201 73530

Pharmacist Michaela Rödel
Dual setting mineral cements with polymerizable matrix of biodegradable polymers
09 31 - 201 73554

Dipl.-Ing. Martha Schamel
Dual setting calcium/magnesium phosphate cement systems
09 31 - 201 73591

Dr. rer. nat. Elke Vorndran
3D powder printing of calcium and magnesium phosphate cement systems and drug delivery systems
09 31 - 3189083

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