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Microbiology The interaction of different cell types with materials developed and investigated by the FMZ is object of the competence team (Micro-) Biology.

In detail, cell-surface interactions dependent on surface characteristics (biochemical features, structure, mechanical qualities; figure right: double immunofluorescence on osteoblast like cells expressing osteopontin (red). Actin binding protein actinin is stained green), tissue specific cell differentiation (figure left: two dimensional SDS-PAGE for the identification of specifically expressed proteins), interaction with nano materials, as well as co-culture and characterization of cells in three-dimensional matrices like gels and fibre networks are dealt with. For this purpose mostly human cell lines as well as primary cells are used.

MicrobiologyPrevention of biofilm formation is still a challenge in biomaterial development. Therefore analysis of contamination level on antimicrobial surfaces using different ways of detection is another focus of the department. A further aim in this context is the development of co culture models to simulate the competitive colonization of surfaces with eukaryotic cells and bacteria.

For doing so, laboratories for cell culture, microbiology, and biochemistry, all classified S2, are available. These are all equipped with state of the art methods. Furthermore an animal facility is part of the department.

Associated to the biological laboratory is an accredited test laboratory for cytocompatibility testing after DIN EN ISO 10993-5.

Dr. rer. nat. Andrea Ewald
Telephone +49(0)931 20173540

Ph.D. students and scientific co-workers:
M. Sc. Kathrin Hahn
3D cell culture in hydrogels and electrospun fiber scaffolds
09 31 - 201 73581

Dr. rer. nat. Katrin Schlegelmilch
09 31 - 201 73581

M. Sc. Tina Tylek
09 31 - 18 80696

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