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Third-party Funds Projects

EU Research Projects

Rational design of scaffold architecture and functionalization to induce healing and tissue regeneration

Bioactivated hierarchical hydrogels as zonal implants for articular cartilage regeneration

DFG Research Projects:

Self-healing capacity of damage tolerant calcium phosphate biocements

Dual setting mineral cements with polymerisable organic matrix based on degradable polymers

Electrochemically assisted deposition of trace element modified calcium and magnesium phosphate coatings on titanium for improved implant healing in osteoporotic bone

In vitro und in vivo Resorptionsverhalten kalthärtender mineralischer Knochenzemente in Abhängigkeit von Zusammensetzung, Porosität und Porengrößenverteilung

Modification of calcium phosphate bioceramics with biologically active metal ions for a specific control of cellular reactions

BMBF Research Projects:

Laser-induzierte, Nanopartikel-vermittelte selektive Zellelimination und Modulation

MEtastases targeting aptamers (META)

Verbundprojekt: Neue Anwendungsformen kalthärtender Knochenzemente aus resorbierbaren Orthophosphaten (NAKKRO)

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